Set yourself free, learn to Pass Through Panic

In these remarkable programs Dr. Claire Weekes gives the listener the simple techniques needed to pass through the web of fear, anxiety, panic, and depression that seems hopeless and all encompassing to those entangled. She gives the sufferer the feeling that there is an end in sight to the devastating cycle they are trapped in. Her techniques of acceptance and surrender show that by passing through panic, rather than trying stop it, you find yourself in a place of strength and optimism, not one of fear and frustration. Dr. Weekes blends her wisdom and experience with just a bit of dry humor that endears her to the listener immediately, and one realizes that through her practice she has come to understand the psychological tricks played by the troubled mind with utter certainty. Through Dr. Weekes' wisdom you will gain the inner strength to live on the other side of your fears.


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Pass Through Panic

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Hope and Help

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